Dua Lipa Reveals She 'Wrote 97 Songs' in a 'Random Notebook' from CVS for Her Upcoming Album

"It’s now become kind of this relic of mine, in a way," said Lipa in a new interview on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Handwriting is Dua Lipa's preferred method for crafting song lyrics.

In a new interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lipa teased her upcoming third studio album and revealed she "wrote 97 songs" for the project in a physical notebook purchased from CVS.

The pop superstar, 28, said she's always felt drawn to writing by hand, whether it's for planning her days with to-do lists or creating new songs. When it came time to get started on the new album, she decided to use a notebook for songwriting for the first time.

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<p>Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty</p> Dua Lipa in London in January 2024

Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty

Dua Lipa in London in January 2024

"I started writing for this album in 2021, and I just wanted to write my ideas down," Lipa told host Jimmy Kimmel. "So, I went down to CVS, and I just bought a random notebook. Had I have known how important that book would’ve been, maybe I would’ve gotten a more fancy one."

Kimmel, 56, was surprised the "Don't Start Now" performer would source such an important book from a pharmacy. "I love CVS. I’m obsessed with it," responded Lipa. "There’s nothing like a CVS or going in and buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need."

She showed off the actual notebook on the late-night talk show, before revealing, "It’s got every single song I’ve written for this album. I wrote 97 songs."

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<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty</p> Dua Lipa at the Grammys in Los Angeles on Feb. 4, 2024

Kevin Mazur/Getty

Dua Lipa at the Grammys in Los Angeles on Feb. 4, 2024

Now, the book is very important to her. "Only because I have this, it’s now become kind of this relic of mine, in a way,” she added.

Lipa said she's often felt "petrified" that the book would get stolen, but she still stuck to her preferred method of writing by hand for the album. "When I started, then I couldn’t stop, and now I feel very lucky to have it," she explained.

Despite writing 97 songs, however, she joked that "about 80 of them" are not up to par. "The second I write a song, I know whether it’s good or not — or whether it’s close to being good, and then I would rework it," said Lipa.

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<p>Kevin Winter/Getty </p> Dua Lipa performs at the Grammys in Los Angeles on Feb. 4, 2024

Kevin Winter/Getty

Dua Lipa performs at the Grammys in Los Angeles on Feb. 4, 2024

"Every song on this album and any of the other records that I’ve made, I’ve gone in and I’ve rewritten it over and over again until I felt like it was perfect, which I didn’t really have the confidence to do on my previous records," she continued.

In the past, the Grammy winner said, "Whatever I wrote on the day was pretty much what everyone heard, and now, this time around, I’m much more confident in myself as a songwriter and as a performer in how I want things to be and sound and look. So, I just went in, and I [dug] a little deeper, and I changed things to the point that it felt perfect to me, and I feel proud of it."

Lipa unveiled the upcoming album's first single, "Houdini," in November. She recently announced its second offering, "Training Season," will be released on Feb. 15 after debuting the track in a performance at the 2024 Grammy Awards earlier this month.

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