Dua Lipa reveals she was body-shamed as a young model

Dua Lipa reveals she was body-shamed as a young model

Dua Lipa has spoken out about what it was like being a young model before her singing career launched.

In an interview with Vogue France on 24 August, the “Levitating” singer opened up about how she began her career as a model. When asked whether it’s true that when she first started out in modelling, she was told that she needed to lose weight, Lipa confirmed that the story was indeed correct.

“Yes! I felt great the way I was. I had no reason to want to change,” she told the outlet, without revealing the man’s identity. However, the experience still didn’t prevent her from having typical teenage insecurities and self-doubt.

“Of course, I had insecurities - times when I questioned my appearance. I know how destabilising it can be to feel not good enough,” the singer said.

While she was trying to launch her modelling career, Lipa was also working in restaurants and nightclubs to make extra money at just 16 years old. As difficult as juggling her early career may have been, she said that she enjoyed the experience looking back. “I really lived everything as a crazy experience. I made great friends. Plus, I danced, and I really love dancing,” Lipa told Vogue France.

The “One Kiss” singer also recalled how she’s loved to dance ever since she was a little girl. “I’ve always loved performing. Dancing, singing, making up choreography in the playground. When I was little, I used to dream, “It would be incredible to perform on a real stage,’” Lipa said.

Although she was capable of dancing alone, Lipa clarified that performing in front of an audience was more exciting, even if it was just her parents at first. “I could dance alone,” the singer said. “But when my parents invited friends around, I jumped straight into a performance, and it must have been quite annoying because I would come in screaming, ‘Look at me everyone because the show’s about to begin!’”

These days, Lipa admitted that she’s become more reserved since her rise to fame. “When I invite people around for dinner, I’m very happy not being the centre of attention, since being the centre of attention has become my job,” she explained.

She’s gone so far as to classify herself under different “Dua” personas, revealing that there’s one version of herself who is chill at home, one in the media, and an exaggerated version of herself that “gives it her all on stage”.

As for which “Dua” is her favorite, Lipa believed that they all had something to offer her. ”This doubleness allows me to maintain a normal life,” the singer said. “When I have a professional meeting, I switch to ‘Dua Lipa Music Career’ mode, but right after I can also meet my friends in ‘Private Dua’ mode, and put all the rest to the side. These two sides help me stay grounded.”