Dua Lipa bonds with Ziwe over their wikiFeet reviews: 'I hate feet'

Dua Lipa bonds with Ziwe over their wikiFeet reviews: 'I hate feet'

Dua Lipa has seen your reviews of her feet.

In a new episode of her podcast At Your Service, the pop superstar spoke with host, writer, and comedian Ziwe about the horrors of strangers evaluating her feet online.

While discussing Ziwe's new book Black Friend, the duo touched on one of its essays about the author discovering her page on wikiFeet, the online hub where fetishists rate celebrities' feet. "I read that essay. And I have to confess, I went on wikiFeet to just look at… I looked at both of our ratings," Dua Lipa said. "Your rating's gone up since you wrote the essay. It's a horrible website, by the way. I hate feet. So while I was reading your essay I was very… I felt seen. Anyway, let's not talk about feet."

Dua Lipa; Ziwe
Dua Lipa; Ziwe

Samir Hussein/WireImage;Victor Boyko/Getty Images Dua Lipa; Ziwe

Ziwe continued to talk about feet, however, saying she was so disappointed by her rating on the site that she had to ask herself why she felt "so bad about this website that rates my feet?" That prompted her to tackle the topic in an essay. "Actually, why I wrote the book is to get my wikiFeet score up," the comedian joked.

"Very important," Dua Lipa affirmed. "While I was looking at your feet, I was like, This is way more research I've ever done for any of my podcast guests."

The singer also asked if Ziwe had any favorite interviews from the popular talk show she hosted on Instagram and Showtime.

"How do you pick a favorite between, like, Chet Hanks on a medicine ball reciting the Joker monologue and, like, Phoebe Bridgers like a deer in headlights blinking for 14 minutes — like, how do you compare those?" Ziwe replied. "Michael Che just doubling down on every bad opinion he's ever had... you can't compare those ideas."

"It's like choosing between one of your children," Dua Lipa responded.

"Exactly. Like, obviously I have a favorite child, but I would never say on the record," said Ziwe.

Listen to the full interview below.

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