Dua Lipa will accomplish a life's dream by headlining Glastonbury

Dua Lipa has dreamed of headlining Glastonbury credit:Bang Showbiz
Dua Lipa has dreamed of headlining Glastonbury credit:Bang Showbiz

Dua Lipa has spent her entire life dreaming about headlining Glastonbury.

The 28-year-old singer will take to the Pyramid Stage at the world-famous festival next Friday (28.06.24) and says that the gig will be the fulfilment of a life's ambition.

Dua is quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "I got asked to headline Glastonbury in November 2022. It was towards the end of my 'Future Nostalgia' tour. I was ready. It feels reassuring to have a few songs under my belt that I think will really get people moving.

"I also think I spent so much time on tour in 2022, it was just gearing me up for a really high-intensity performance.

"I think everything happened for this moment at Glastonbury. I've just been dreaming about this my whole life."

Dua has spent nearly six months planning the set list for her headline slot and has rehearsed rigorously to ensure that those watching have "non-stop, relentless fun".

The 'Illusion' hitmaker said: "I started thinking about the set list in January. What songs I was going to sing, how one was going to trip on to the other, how many acts the show was going to be, what story I am trying to tell, how much dancing is involved, which is a lot, like with any of my shows. We went full out."

She continued: "We started rehearsing the second I had any free time. For me, what gives me the most peace is knowing that I've done the most amount of work in rehearsal that I could have possibly done.

"The moments before I go on stage when I'm panicking - not panicking, but when I'm really excited and the adrenaline is hitting - that I just tell myself, 'I've done everything I could possibly do. I've practiced and rehearsed and I'm ready.'

"I want to feel everything. I just want people to have the most amount of fun possible. I want to make sure it's non-stop, relentless fun."