Drunk man eats glass beer bottle

Police were stunned when a man got so drunk he ate a beer bottle. Photo: Getty

A Darwin man got so drunk he ate a glass beer bottle and then went for a lie down.

Superintendent Louise Jorgensen told NT News paramedics showed up at the home, where a family gathering was taking place, just after 9pm.

It became apparent the 38-year-old had chewed and swallowed the glass bottle and then turned in for the night.

“His family then called police and St John, and he was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital,” Supt Jorgensen said.

She said the idiotic case, and others like it, frustrate police and waste precious resources.

“General duties police are run off their feet by anti-social behaviour and Alice Springs is in a similar position.”

She said the evening is the busiest time for local police, who usually field around 350 calls from the afternoon till midnight, but this week was particularly “out of control.”

Police fielded 500 calls on Wednesday evening and 450 on Tuesday.

“Most of them are domestics, or anti-social and drunk behaviour,” she added.

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