Drunk driver's horrendous pulling over caught on police bodycam

An alleged drink driver has been filmed reversing into another car after being ordered to pull over in Brisbane.

Video uploaded by Queensland Police shows the 4WD driving up to a female police officer in a school zone in Spring Hill on Thursday.

She signals the driver to pull over but the 4WD goes into reverse and smashes into another car behind it.

A driver has been filmed reversing into a car behind him after being asked by a Queensland Police officer to pull over in Brisbane’s suburb of Spring Hill. Source: Queensland Police

The officer continues to signal the car to pull over and the driver of the 4WD appears to oblige.

In a statement, police alleged the driver, a 39-year-old man from Newport in Brisbane’s north, was speeding in a school zone and was driving at three times the legal limit at 0.162.

He was also issued a traffic infringement for reversing when not safe.

The driver reverses into the car behind him. Source: Queensland Police

Both vehicles received minor damage but no one was injured.

The 39-year-old will face court on August 22.

The police officer continues to instruct the driver to pull over. Source: Queensland Police