Drug dealers caught after posing with weapons and wads of cash in phone pictures

These two pictures were found on the phone of a drug dealer (Picture: SWNS)

Two drug dealers were caught when police discovered phone pictures showing them posing with deadly weapons and huge wads of money. 

Tommy Lee Jauncey, 23, and Kane Ingram, 21, are facing jail for dealing crack cocaine and heroin.

The pair were nailed by pictures found on Jauncey’s phone that showed a masked man pointing a crossbow towards the camera.

In another image, Ingram holds a thick wad of money against his ear while pretending to be on the phone to the Queen.

The caption reads: “Da queens (sic) ringing she’s offering me a room at her finest hotel.”

Jauncey is also pictured in what appears to be a garage holding a 3ft-long serrated blade while another shows him holding cash bundles to the camera.

The pair, of Worcester, admitted conspiracy to supply drugs at Worcester Crown Court.

Tommy Lee Jauncey, 23, poses with a 3ft long blade (Picture: SWNS)

Jurors heard the gang were locked in a turf war with Luke Bridger over the supply of drugs in Worcester which resulted in his home being attacked with a crossbow.

The court heard Mr Bridger was a “rival dealer” who had talked to Ingram about robbing drug king-pin Asgar Khalfe, 35, and had tried to recruit Ingram.

According to the prosecution, Mr Bridger wanted to “asset strip” Khalfe’s business, taking his dealers, his contacts and his customer base.

But when Ingram did not attend a meeting with Mr Bridger the two exchanged personal insults and threats over Facebook Messenger.

Jauncey holds a wad money (Picture: SWNS)

Ingram told the court the two met in Cripplegate Park in Worcester and Mr Bridger punched him in the face.

Matters came to a head on August 30, 2017 when Jauncey fired a blank pistol at Mr Bridger’s home in Carlisle Road, Worcester.


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Dramatic pictures of the attack show a child cowering in fear as Jauncey waved the starter pistol towards the property.

Scott Fewtrell, 28, was caught on camera firing a crossbow at “head height”, damaging the frame of the door.

Jauncey and Fewtrell admitted conspiracy to cause actual bodily harm to Mr Bridger and possession of a crossbow in a public place.

Jake Cox, 28, who drove the pair to Mr Bridger's house also admitted conspiracy to cause actual bodily harm.

Another picture showed a man holding a crossbow (Picture: SWNS)

Ingram and Khalfe were cleared of conspiracy to cause actual bodily harm against Mr Bridger.

Khalfe, previously of Aston, Birmingham, admitted the drugs conspiracies between January 1 and August 31, 2017.

Khalfe, who ran the “Ozzie” drugs line, is already serving a 12-year sentence for conspiracy to supply drugs.

After being found not guilty of ordering the crossbow attack on Mr Bridger, he laughed and shouted “I’ll be back!” as he was led to the cells following the verdicts on Tuesday.

Judge Nicolas Cartwight will sentence the gang on Thursday.