Drones attack fuel depot in Russia's Rostov Oblast

Drone (illustrative image)
Drone (illustrative image)

Drones targeted a fuel depot in Russia's Rostov Oblast on the night of May 15, Oblast governor Vasiliy Golubev claimed on Telegram.

Two explosions were heard in the Proletarsky district after two drones allegedly attacked the fuel depot.

No fires or casualties were reported, Golubev claimed.

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Drone strikes on Russian refineries

Ukraine has regularly conducted long-range drone strikes on oil refineries in Russia  since late January.

At least 13 successful attacks have been carried out on Russian refineries, causing a 12% reduction in Russia's oil production and processing, Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) head Vasyl Malyuk reported.

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Revenue from oil exports constitutes a third of Russia's budget and a significant portion of its military funding.

Reported attacks have targeted the following facilities:

  • Tuapse Refinery, January 24

  • Volgograd Refinery, February 3

  • Afipsky Refinery, February 9Ilinsky Refinery, February 9

  • Lukoil-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez Refinery, March 12

  • Ryazan Refinery, March 13

  • Kaluga Refinery, March 15

  • Syzran Refinery, March 16

  • Kuybyshev Refinery, March 16

  • Slavyansk Refinery, March 17

  • Novokuibyshev Refinery, March 23

  • Taneco Refinery, April 2Ilsky Refinery, April 27

  • Slavyansk Refinery, April 27

  • Ryazan Refinery, May 2

  • Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Refinery, May 9

  • Kaluga Refinery, May 10

Russia is facing a gasoline shortage due to the oil refinery attacks.

Diesel prices for Russian consumers surged nearly 10% in a week, and gasoline prices have risen 20% since the beginning of the year, Politico reported on April 30.

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