Drone hits Russia's major steel producer in Cherepovets

UAV attacks a metallurgical plant in Cherepovets, Russia
UAV attacks a metallurgical plant in Cherepovets, Russia

A drone strike has reportedly damaged one of the induction furnaces at Russia's second-largest steel and coking coal producer—the Severstal steel plant in Cherepovets, Vologda Oblast—acting regional governor Georgy Filimonov reported via Telegram on March 7.

"This morning there was an incident at Severstal in the area of the blast furnace—it was hit by an unmanned aerial vehicle [UAV] of unknown origin," Filimonov wrote, claiming that "no one was injured" and that the furnace's operation "was not disrupted."

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This contradicts a report by local media outlet Cherepovetskaya Istyna, which claimed that the induction furnace “exploded” in the attack.

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According to independent Russian outlet Meduza, there was a "technological incident" at the furnace, but no one was injured. Severstal’s press service claims that one of the units "was taken out of commission for previously planned maintenance," with no mention of a drone strike.

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