Drone Footage Shows Storm Emma Destruction in Holyhead Marina

Dramatic drone footage from March 4 captures the devastation caused by Storm Emma to over 80 boats kept in the Holyhead Marina located in Wales.

Storm Emma has been making her way through parts of Europe, leaving destruction in her path. This video captures drone footage from The Holyhead Marina, home to over 80 boats that were decimated last Thursday when swells were said to have reached over 20 feet inside the marina. A local website reported that 70 private vessels and 10 commercial boats are believed to have been ruined by the storm.

Members of the community surrounding the Marina have expressed heartbreak given the devastation, claiming that there is polystyrene pouring into the surrounding harbor and that boats are being looted for their remaining equipment.

According to local reports The Maritime and Coastguard Agency along with Holyhead Port Authority have started to assess the best way to clean up the marina in a safe and timely manner. For the time being, local authorities are cautioning residents of the area to stay away from the marina to avoid sustaining any type of injury. Credit: JD Media Film via Storyful

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