Driver's sneaky 'trick' to avoid parking fines

Nadine Carroll
·2-min read

A Melbourne TikTok user has shared a trick he claims gets him out of parking fines.

The man who posts under the username @omar_sbai uploaded a video to the social media network to share how he hasn’t paid for parking in a month by using an old parking ticket.

In the video that has been viewed almost 500,000 times the man films himself sticking what he claims is an old parking fine to the front windshield of his car to act as a deterrent from parking inspectors.

A TikTok user demonstrated how he claims to avoid parking fines
A Mlboure TikTok user claims he has found a secret trick to avoiding parking fines. Source: TikTok/omar_sbai

“So I got this ticket about a month ago and I’ve been using the same one every single day since, and guess what, I haven’t gotten a ticket again,” he said.

The video received hundreds of responses from people who were keen to try out the 'hack'.

"This is so clever," one person replied.

"I need to try this," another person wrote.

One user said they had attempted the trick and were pleased it had worked out for them.

“I can confirm it works. Also get someone else’s ticket and put it on your car,” a user wrote.

A few others said they hadn't been so lucky.

“I tried this a few years back and they put a new ticket directly on top of the old one I had on my windshield,” one person commented.

“It doesn’t work, I tried and got double fined,” another user said.

While the jury is still out on the parking fine trick, one user said there is a state where this is sure not to work.

"In South Australia it's all electronic now," a person wrote.

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