Frantic drivers dash from cars to grab spilled cash off highway

Motorists driving along a busy highway in the US couldn’t believe their eyes when thousands of dollars of cash began raining down right in front of them.

The remarkable scene unfolded on an Atlanta highway on Tuesday morning as about US$175,000 (AU$250,000) blew out of an armoured truck when its side door accidentally opened, local news station WSB-TV reported.

Footage shot by passers-by shows dozens of people scrambling to pick up handfuls of notes from several lanes before jumping back in their vehicles.

Dozens of people rushed to grab the cash on a highway after an armoured truck's door swung open. Source: WSB-TV

According to police there were more than 15 vehicles that stopped to collect cash.

By the time officers arrived, the opportunists had dispersed.

Police have warned those who frantically grabbed money to return it or face charges when caught.

“For those who do not return the money, we do have the videos, we have tag numbers,” Sergeant Robert Parsons said.

“Don’t make us come looking for you.”

One man told the network he returned over US$2,000 (AU$2,800).

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