Drivers queue behind stopped truck for literally no reason

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Hilarious footage has captures a huge line of cars banked up on a highway behind a stationary truck.

The large Lotrans vehicle was pulled over in the stopping lane before an exit towards the C-25 highway in the Catalonia region of northeast Spain.

For an unknown reason, drivers began queuing behind it, presumably for an extended time given the volume of traffic that accumulated.

Kilometres worth of cars and trucks were captured by a camera inside the car of a driver who had no intention of joining the line.

Photos shows cars queuing behind a truck at a highway turnoff.
The video sparked a strong reaction after it showed a huge amount of cars backed up behind a truck. Source: Facebook

They instead passed straight by the huge line, overtaking the the truck at the front of it to make the turn towards Girona, a city in northern Catalonia.

The video was shared to the Bad Drivers Caught on Dashcam Facebook group on Wednesday.

“Bunch of cars queueing behind a parked heavy goods vehicle on the hard shoulder thinking it’s a queue for the exit,” the amused poster wrote.

Others seemed to equally enjoy the video, some pondering how long it took the queuing drivers to realise their mistake.

“Idiots! As far as the eye can see,” someone wrote in a comment.

“Herd-like behaviour. No one sees the solid line being there. Funny and sad,” another said.

Someone shared an anecdote from their own experience as a truck driver, saying they stopped for a quick break in the city and returned to find a queue of cars as far as they could see.

“Wouldn't have minded but there was a second lane they could have used if they looked further than the end of their noses,” they wrote.

Another person thought it was a bit cheeky of the truckie to pull over so close to the turn off.

“Thats bad on the driver. He could have stopped way before that junction to come off. Still funny though,” they wrote.

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