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Driver's plea to 'moron' Aussie motorists: 'Turn your f***ing headlights on'

With Sydney experiencing wild weather conditions, the message from authorities has been clear – drive with extra caution.

But one fed-up driver has voiced his absolute frustration at a fellow "moron" motorist after experiencing a dangerously close call.

The man named Steve posted a picture to Reddit of his vehicle's side door mirror while driving during the city’s recent unrelenting torrential downpour.

In the image, he points out a barely visible car with no headlights on.

“PSA: turn your f***ing headlights on when you drive,” he wrote alongside the concerning photo.

Photo of dangerous driving captured in a motorist's mirror
Angry Reddit users have said that far too many Australian motorists drive without their car headlights switched on in adverse conditions. Photo: Reddit/sezdawg7

In less than 24 hours his post racked up thousands of comments from fellow drivers saying the unsafe driving trait was far too common.

“That's the best illustration of why you turn your lights on that I've ever seen,” one person commented, before suggesting all drivers should have their headlights on at all times.

“I nearly got hit the other day, didn't see the car because his headlights were turned off plus all this rain. Thank god I'm safe,” added another.

“Seriously though if a driver can't think/are not aware enough to put their lights on in adverse road conditions then they probably shouldn't be driving,” commented a third.

'It's so unsafe'

Other drivers added that part of the problem was the type of car people drive, with some drivers wrongly relying solely on automatic lights switching on in wet weather conditions.

“Auto mode on my car just isn't quite sensitive enough, so left to its own devices, it won't turn on when really they should be,” one driver observed.

“Daylight running lights are not enough either as they don't turn your rear lights on, you need to be visible from front and back,” added another.

Motorists driving on flooded roads in Sydney at night
Cars come to a stop in Sydney's Bankstown, which was also flooded. Source: Facebook/Police in the Area

It was also pointed out that numerous European countries have mandated the use of headlights at all times when driving, with concerned drivers calling for Australia to do the same.

While headlight legislation differs from state to state, in New South Wales headlights are required when driving between sunset and sunrise and “at any other time where there’s not enough daylight to see a person wearing dark clothing at a distance of 100m”.

Drivers ignore flood water warnings

A similar message was issued by other drivers about floodwaters, with multiple people saying they’d seen way too many people attempt to drive through dangerous rising water over roads.

“PSA: Stop driving through f***ing floodwater,” another Sydney driver added to Reddit.

“It's not worth it. You are not special, your car won't superman its way through the water like magic. Internal combustion engines require air to operate.”

The driver added the dangerous act was taking up essential emergency services unnecessarily thanks to some people’s careless driving.

Car stuck in floodwater
Some drivers are ignoring warnings to stay clear of floodwaters, despite numerous warnings from authorities. Source: Gatty Images.

Others agreed, saying they had witnessed cars “floating away” after attempting to cross floodwaters.

“I've seen two cars in the last 12 hours floating on the Bexley North station traffic camera,” one person said.

“The water is going from 0 to past roof height within 30 mins as the rain intensifies.”

In the past 24 hours the SES received more than 2,400 calls for help and undertook around 100 flood rescues, mostly in Sydney, AAP reported.

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