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Driver's hilarious $135 act to protect petrol amid surging prices

One man has gone to extreme lengths to prevent the petrol being stolen from his vehicle, as the price of fuel continues to burden people across the world.

The man shared a short video of his genius anti-theft measure to TikTok.

Next to his petrol tank cap, the man installed a Ring doorbell, which features a camera triggered by motion. Most Ring models allow for live video and two-way chats, and alert notifications.

"With gas prices over $7 [USD] in California, ain't no mofo stealing my gas," TikTok user @outdoorsfishing1 said.

No-wire, no-screw video doorbelsl on Ring's website begin at A$135.

A man put a doorbell on his car to deter people from stealing petrol from his tank. Source: TikTok/outdoorsfishing1
A man put a doorbell on his car to deter people from stealing petrol from his tank. Source: TikTok/outdoorsfishing1

It's not the most conventional use of a doorbell and it's unclear if it is a joke or not, but other drivers found it amusing enough, while some understood the struggle of rising petrol prices.

"You know what, I need one of those," one person said.

"At this point, it costs less to replace the camera than fill up your tank," someone else remarked in the comments.

The most recent average for gas prices in California is US$6.428 per gallon which equates to $2.42 per litre in Australian currency.

Earlier this week it was reported that a manager of a Shell petrol station in Northern California was fired for putting the decimal place in the wrong place on the sign.

Instead of listing the price as $6.99 per gallon, he had the price mistakenly listed as just 69c, which drivers took advantage of, ABC News reported.

John Szczecina admitted to his mistake which reportedly cost the petrol station US$16,000 (A$22,776).

Fuel prices at a Shell gas station in San Francisco, California, US, on Thursday, June 9, 2022.
Like many places around the world, fuel prices have soared in the US. Source: Bloomberg via Getty Images (Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Australians got some relief from rising petrol prices in March this year, with the Morrison government temporarily lowering the fuel excise tax.

In April, Australians who caught wind of petrol dipping to below $1 flocked to fill up their tanks.

At the time, the price was so unbelievable, and the tip-off was shared on April 1, so some thought it was an April Fool's prank.

About 90 per cent of Australia's fuel is imported and the majority of the crude oil produced in Australia is exported.

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