Drivers furious after water found in petrol station fuel

A petrol station in Queensland is being slammed after water was found in fuel.

A customer filled up using E10 fuel at the Kearneys Spring Caltex only to have her car break down minutes after driving off.

She claims the fuel was 80 per cent water and 20 per cent fuel.

“Angry? Well you trust your servos don’t you? Well we put our trust in them to look after our cars and it gave me a day off work which I wasn’t happy about,” customer Donna Heinemann told 7 News.

The E10 pumps at the Kearneys Spring Caltex have been shut down. Source: 7 News

Another furious customer posted a warning on a Toowoomba Facebook community group to other motorists.

“I broke down last Thursday about two minutes after fuelling up,” customer Kaileigh Elizabeth wrote on Facebook alongside a picture of a bottle filled with the fuel.

“The mechanic found 80 per cent of my fuel being water and 20 per cent fuel.”

A woman claims the fuel was 80 per cent water and just 20 per cent fuel. Source: Facebook

A Caltex spokesperson said it was working with four customers who had issues after filling up with E10 at the Kearneys Spring store late last week.

“We apologise to them, are refunding their purchases and will cover the costs of getting their vehicles back on the road,” the spokesperson said.

“Any presence of water in E10 fuel is problematic which is why we test it daily at all our stores.

“The presence of water is unusual and the E10 pumps at our Kearneys Spring site were shut down immediately after water was detected.

“Our technicians are onsite to undertake further testing and the pumps will reopen once the issue has been rectified.”