Drivers confused about double demerit points between Easter and Anzac Day

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

Some motorists have been left confused about when they might be slapped with double demerit points between the Easter and Anzac Day public holidays.

In some states, higher penalties were enforced for a total of 10 days over the 11-day Easter and Anzac Day break.

The harsher penalties apply to speeding, drink driving, mobile phone usage, riding without a helmet and seatbelt-related offences.

Motorists caught speeding over the Easter and Anzac Day break might be slapped with double demerits. Source: Getty/File

However, with the back-to-back Easter and Anzac Day holidays this year, many drivers have been left scratching their heads about where and when the double demerit points apply.

Some commenting on the Yahoo News Facebook page thought the harsher penalties applied to motorists of all Australian states, while others were unsure if there was a gap between the two holiday periods.

When are double demerit points in effect?

Double demerits began in participating states for five days over Easter: on Thursday, April 18, through to Monday, April 22, inclusive.

On Tuesday standard penalties applied everywhere across the country.

Then on Wednesday April 24, they returned for another five days only in NSW and ACT, ahead of Anzac Day. They will remain in affect for another five days to Sunday, April 28, inclusive.

In NSW and ACT, double demerit points apply for 10 of the 11 days over the Easter and Anzac Day holiday period. Source: Wollongong Police

For a comprehensive breakdown of what sort of penalties you’d face over the break in NSW, visit the NSW Government’s transport webpage.

While they were enforced over Easter, West Australian motorists will not be slugged with double demerits over the Anzac Day holiday period.

Additionally, double demerit penalties are not enforced in South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, or Victoria.

However, police have ensured drivers they will be out in force over the break.

Queensland does not introduce double demerit points during holiday periods, but they do apply year-round for repeat offenders.

However, if you are a Queensland licence holder and commit a traffic offence anywhere in Australia, demerit points may be applied and recorded on your traffic history as if the offence was committed in Queensland.

That’s especially worth noting for those from the north crossing the state border over the break.

Motorists embarking on long road trips over the holidays are reminded to take regular breaks. Source: Getty, file

Motorists reminded to take regular breaks

NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy reminded motorists embarking on long road trips over the holidays to take regular breaks.

“I am conscious that people may try to take a day off on Friday to create a long weekend, so people need to be aware of how tired they are and how important it is to take regular breaks from driving,” he said.

“More people are also likely to be heading home on Sunday afternoon as well, so people should prepare themselves for delays along the road network and be patient.”

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