Drivers can cop huge fine for common habit in drive-thru

Most drivers know using their phone behind the wheel is illegal and can thus incur a hefty fine – but many won’t be familiar with rules dictating how they can use digital devices while in a drive-thru.

New South Wales police have revealed not only can a mobile phone not be held while in a drive-thru, it shouldn’t be touching any part of the driver’s body, including their lap and being held between their shoulder and ear.

“The offence is that you’re not supposed to be driving while using a mobile phone, if the vehicle is moving through a car park, including a drive-thru, drivers can be done,” a NSW police spokeswoman told Yahoo News.

If caught breaking the strict rule, drivers in New South Wales can be fined five demerit points and ordered to pay $377.

Those in Queensland caught using a mobile phone while driving can be fined $391 and three demerit points, and in Victoria, four demerit points and a $484 fine.

Drivers are prohibited from using or touching their phone in the drive-thru. Source: Getty Images

In Western Australia, motorists who use a mobile phone behind the wheel can be fined $400 and three demerit points, the ACT $447 and four demerit points, the Northern Territory three demerit points and a $250 fine and in Tasmania $300 and three demerit points.

The only instance in which phones could be used is if they are secured in a holder fixed to the vehicle and not obscuring vision of the road, or if it can be operated without being touched.

Drivers must park their car out of the line of traffic if they need to use their phone, which does not include being stopped at a red light or in heavy traffic, according to Transport for New South Wales’ website.

Motorists could face tough penalties if they so much as touch their phone in the drive-thru. Source: Getty Images

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