'It's a joke': Outrage as driver who hit and killed teen sentenced to community service

A woman who hit and killed a boy in her 4WD as he skateboarded to school has been sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

The victim's heartbroken mother has started a campaign demanding police re-open their investigation.

Surrounded by supporters, Ayou Deng left court without a word for her victim's family.

Ayou Deng leaves court flanked by supporters. Source: 7 News

The mother of seven ran over and killed 13-year-old Jalal Yassine-Naja as he crossed a road in Brookfield, Melbourne, but police only charged her with unlicensed driving.

Her punishment for that, an unrelated assault and another case of unlicensed driving was an 80-hour community corrections order.

Deng hit and killed 11-year-old Jalal Yassine-Naja. Source: 7 News
Deng has previously lashed out at reporters. Source: 7 News

At previous court appearances Deng has been aggressive, lashing out at 7 News reporters.

She has never apologised to Jalal's family for what police determined was an accident.

"She doesn't give a crap about the rules, she doesn't give a crap about children," Jalal's mother Olivia Yassine said.

"Killing a child, how she drives, having no licence."

Jalal's mother Olivia has described the police investigation as

A small group gathered outside Sunshine Court to demand police charge Deng with more serious offences. Some followed and photographed her supporters as they left court, including members of anti-refugee group True Blue Crew.

"The courts want to give her 80 hours community work and they wonder why the country is going to s**t," True Blue Crew member Kane Miller said.

Kane Miller said the punishment given to Deng was

"This is an absolute joke."

Wednesday is the first anniversary of Jalal's death, but it's not just his family who are now campaigning.

Others are also concerned about the police investigation, include a resident who spoke with Deng straight after the impact.

"She didn't render any assistance to Jalal while he was lying on the road," the woman said.

A woman who witnessed the incident said police did not ask her any questions. Source: 7 News

"Police spoke to me that morning very briefly and I fully expected to have to make a statement, being first on the scene, having spoken to her, but they've never come and asked me a single question."