Driver who escaped unharmed from terrifying crash claims he 'fell asleep'

Natasha Christian Yahoo7 and Robert Ovadia 7 News

CCTV has captured a terrifying crash after a speeding P-Plate driver lost control of his car in western Sydney.

The four-wheel drive slammed into a parked car and flipped at Punchbowl about midday on Thursday.

Video shows the vehicle crashing into two cars, rolling then taking out a third that was driving in the other direction.

Shocked onlookers rushed to the driver’s aid.

Witness Bilal Abu Zalaf told 7 News his car became part of the chaos.

“We went outside and saw a car upside down, and my car was part of it,” he said.

Mr Zalaf said he was more concerned about the driver injured in the crash than his own car.

CCTV shows the car flipped on its side during the crash.

He and other witnesses rushed to the wreck, as smoke billowed from the exhausted.

He found the young man who told him he was OK.

The 20-year-old emerged from beneath the car’s airbags, shirtless and with a few scratches.

While he was reportedly embarrassed he was physically fine.

“He was lucky, everyone told him he was lucky,” Mr Zalaf said.

Shop owner Mohammed Dannoun told 7 News the crash was ‘big’.

“It was like a semi trailer hit a brick wall,” he said.

The driver was lucky to escape unharmed.

The crash blocked the road, but the ambulance that rushed to the scene was eventually turned around when it was decided there was no need for one.

Witnesses said the driver was more concerned with saving his belongings from his car, than asking for help.

He told police he had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Mr Zalaf said accidents happened in the area ‘every few days’.

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