The parking ticket that's stumped internet users

A driver was left confused by a handwritten parking ticket and uncertain if the infringement was legitimate or not.

A friend of the driver posted a photo of the ticket to Reddit sparking debate over whether the notice was in fact genuine given there were several apparent errors.

“You have received an infringement notice by post for parking too close to the vehicle behind,” the note read.

The Reddit contributor claims their friend received the note after parking outside a police station in Jindabyne in the NSW Snowy Mountains district, adding, “obviously not much going down” in Jindabyne.

A Reddit user claims their friend received this note outside a police station in Jindabyne, NSW for parking too close to another car but others have pointed out issues with the note. Source: Reddit/ Steveeeeyh

“I call it as a pisstake,” one Reddit user commented.

“Look at the heading of the card. A police ‘dstrict’?”

Another pointed out the form hadn’t been filled in correctly.

It’s been left blank with no email for the attending officer, no date or time for the offence and no “COPS Event No.”

Others found the notice amusing.

“Good to see the police going after the big time criminals,” one users commented.

Another user suggested reporting the notice, concerned someone might be impersonating police.

It’s illegal to park within one metre of a car in front or behind you in NSW. Source: Getty Images (File pic)

However, the Reddit poster said their friend believes “it’s legit”.

“The phone number are right minus the front bracket and the is a real address,” they wrote.

“Seems like a lot of effort to go to for a fake note just to annoy someone.”

Yahoo7 understands the ticket is indeed legitimate, and that the forms have since been recalled due to spelling mistakes.

According to the Roads and Maritime Services website, drivers cannot park their car within one metre of a car parked behind or in front of them.