Driver stomps on man's head during alleged road rage attack

WARNING, DISTRESSING FOOTAGE: Onlookers have filmed the moment a driver was assaulted, when the tables turned on him during an alleged road rage.

Footage claimed to be captured on an Australian road, shows a driver approach another man, as he sat in his car in the middle of the road.

The situation quickly resulted in a scuffle, as the man in the car makes the decision to step out of it.

The video uploaded to LiveLeak by user QuakerBaker9, shows the two men pushing and pull at each other while other cars try to pass them.

Another passerby also tries to intervene in the dispute.

The driver of the stopped car was filmed delivering two headbutts during the argument.

The two drivers were involved in an alleged road rage, reportedly filmed on an Australian road. Photo: LiveLeak

The other man falls to the ground before he is dragged on to the curb.

His attacker then stomps his foot on the man’s head, in a shocking act of violence.

The man who initially approached the stopped car was eventually left in a heap in the middle of the street.

The confrontation ends along with the video.

Its unclear how badly injured both drivers were following the attack or what sparked the confrontation.