Driver stalks girls in horror road rage incident

Emma Dallimore
Driver stalks girls in horror road rage incident

Two young girls have filmed a frightening road rage rampage while on the phone with emergency services.

The two young drivers on a highway in Northern California admit they had given the older driver an ugly hand gesture when she cut them off, when she exploded.

The girls are heard telling the person on the phone that the older woman was “saying she's a cop… she’s knocking on our window saying she's a cop”.

The Police dispatcher urges the panicked women to drive on.

As they were hunted up the highway, they finally take an exit and are guided to a nearby police station.

As officers calmed the young driver they detained 50-year-old Diedre Orozo, who had been arrested five days earlier for a nearly identical road rage attack.

Ms Orozo is a bail bond agent with no authority.

The repeat road-rager is due back in court the day after Christmas.