Woman shamed for 'truly dangerous' act in school zone

Police have hit out at a motorist caught driving four times the speed limit in a school zone.

The Sarasota Police Department posted about the incident, which took place near a primary school in the US state of Florida, on Facebook.

The photo of the citation shows that the car was caught at 102 km/h, when the limit in the area was just 24km/h.

“This is not okay,” the police post reads.

“Driver received an automatic court date. A judge will determine future consequences and possible fines/charges.

“The safety of our children is our #1 priority. Please slow down.”

The Sarasota Police Department caught a driver going four times the speed limit in a school zone. Source: Facebook/Sarasota Police Department

The Police Department did not immediately respond to Yahoo’s request for comment but clarified the consequences for speeding in a school zone in an infographic on Facebook.

It explains that fines can range from $156 (A$230) to over $463 (A$682), and there is a mandatory court appearance required for drivers speeding more than 48km/h past the limit.

“Speeding in a school zone can add up!” their infographic read.

Officer Jason Frank, who pulled over the driver, told Fox13 people had forgotten school had started and the woman who received the ticket told him she was “running late”.

"We all get to the point where we get into a hurry, but when we get inside a vehicle and behind the wheel and go that fast it’s not just dangerous for the driver but everyone around," Mr Frank said.

Fox13 reported that the police department handed out 18 tickets on the first day of the school term.

While people applauded the police department for its efforts in keeping children safe, many expressed how frustrated they were with reckless driving.

One person said people should just wake up earlier in the morning instead of putting lives at risk.

“I have an idea for everyone, get up earlier, prep you kids’ meals the night before, leave earlier, and obey the speed limits especially in school zones,” the comment read.

The school zone offence left many furious. Source: Getty

“If you injure or kill and child that will be with you for the rest of your life.”

One person took the opportunity to point out that dangerous driving had been a “rampant” issue, beyond just school zones.

“Respectfully, where have you guys been the past few months?! The traffic abuses – speeding, running red lights, texting while driving/recklessness – are rampant here,” the comment said.

“It's truly dangerous. Glad to see you're enforcing school zones, but please put greater emphasis on all streets.”

The police department responded, apologising to the person who hasn’t seen them “out and about”, and promised to convey their concerns to the traffic unit.

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