Dashcam captures incredible moment car on two wheels narrowly misses pole

Nadine Carroll
·3-min read

A driver has narrowly avoided disaster after colliding with a P-plate driver and missing a telegraph pole on a busy Melbourne road.

A dashcam captured the “crazy” moment when a Ford, driven by the P-plater and travelling along Milleara Road in Avondale Heights, suddenly merged into the left lane.

The Ford clips the car with the dashcam, a blue Toyota, and sends it careering towards a telegraph pole.

On two wheels and about to hit the pole the car rights itself and miraculously avoids smashing into the pole.

‘Are you a stunt driver?’

a crash from dash cam owners australia
The bump sent the dashcam driver swerving to the left where the vehicle flipped on two wheels and came close to missing a pole. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

The “awesome recovery” of the Toyota driver has been praised by people on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page where the video was shared.

“Now that driver deserves a motorcycle licence, for excellent control on 2 wheels!” one person said.

“For a second there I thought they were going head on into that pole. Not too mention the near rollover... Are you a stunt driver?” an impressed user wrote.

“If Holden still existed and had a precision driving team you could send this as an audition piece,” another person added.

A few people were surprised the dashcam driver didn’t swear during the incident.

“That may have been the quietest reaction I have ever heard on this page! Well done keeping it together. I would have sworn,” one follower wrote.

But it all happened very fast, and you can hear the driver grunt as he feels the impact of the other car.

The Toyota that narrowly missed the pole seems to have ended up with less damage out of the two cars.

Members of the group debated which driver was in the wrong over the crash but the verdict seemed to sway in favour of the “calm and collected” driver of the dashcam car, with many claiming the inexperience of the provisional licensed driver contributed to the collision.

The P-plate driver (left) and the dashcam driver (right) after the collision.
The P-plate driver's Ford car (left) and the dashcam driver's Toyota (right) after the collision. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

“Override instinct. Don't swerve unless you're certain it's clear,” one person wrote.

“I think those things protruding out the side of your doors are called mirrors maybe try using them next time, this very simple piece of technology may save you a lot of heartache next time,” another user responded.

“Scary moment. Inexperience on the P-plater’s behalf, maybe a little impatience too. Glad all appear to have escaped relatively unharmed,” one person wrote.

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