Driver leads police on wild 100km chase while handcuffed to steering wheel

An unlicenced driver in Queensland has allegedly led police on a dramatic chase along three highways all while handcuffed to the wheel.

The 33-year-old male, from Bundaberg, allegedly led officers on a pursuit over 100km from the Sunshine Coast.

The mammoth chase headed through Brisbane before coming to a dramatic end in Heathwood on Saturday evening.

The driver allegedly led officers on a lengthy pursuit through Queensland, regularly facing oncoming traffic. Source: 7News/ Queensland Police

Dramatic Polair vision shows the wild ride along the Gateway motorway as traffic and hearts stand still.

The Commodore can be seen on the wrong side of the road, coming head to head with a b-double that has no choice but to slam on the brakes.

The unlicenced driver then goes around a truck and rams a car before screaming towards others.

Dramatic footage from inside one witness’ car shows the car heading towards them. Source: 7News

The vehicle sideswipes a ute and keeps going on the wrong side of the road.

The man allegedly stopped outside a Hillcrest house and got out of the car with a steering wheel attached to his arm.

Sources told 7News police handcuffed him to it earlier in the evening at about 5.20pm when they pulled over the vehicle at a Glasshouse Mountains service station.

The driver switched vehicles to a ute before police spiked its tyres, leaving a trail of sparks flying behind it. Source: 7News/ Queensland Police

The 33-year-old was allegedly a passenger in the car at the time.

When his friend, who was driving, was removed from from the vehicle for allegedly testing positive for drugs, police say he reached for the wheel and took control.

A struggle broke out before officers cuffed him to the wheel. However the man allegedly managed to speed off.

Once arriving Hillcrest, the man managed to remove the steering wheel – but the chaos didn’t end there. He swapped that car for a ute and sped away.

The driver was eventually apprehended by police in Heathwood. Source: 7News/ Queensland Police.

Police used stingers to deflate the tyres of the ute at Algester, but the culprit kept going as sparks flew from the vehicle.

The desperate dash went on for several more kilometres before the rims wore off at Heathwood.

He allegedly tried fleeing once more but police weren’t far behind. Officers managed to box him in before taking him down – 100 kilometres away from where police first tried to stop him.

A man has been charged with three counts of dangerous driving, two counts each of unlawful use of a motor vehicle and failing to stop a motor vehicle.

He has also been charged with one count of unlicensed driving and stealing and three counts of serious assault police.

He will appear at the Richlands Magistrates Court on April 30.