Dashcam owner celebrates 'instant karma' crash after being cut off by Porsche

A Melbourne driver has celebrated “instant karma” after a Porsche driver overtook him and was then involved in a minor prang with a truck carrying a crane.

Video uploaded by Dash Cam Owners Australia on Facebook shows the driver travelling through Ivanhoe in the city’s northeast on Wednesday.

The man is driving behind a large truck which has its left indicator on in a 40km/h zone.

A Porsche attempts passes him on the left, on the inside. It’s a single lane.

The Porsche overtakes a car before behind hit by a truck carrying a crane. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

“Are you serious?” he says.


The Porsche then tries to overtake inside the truck as it turns, but the turning truck hits the Porsche’s driver-side door.

The truck reverses so the Porsche can move forward, before they both pull off the road.

On Facebook, people called the driver of the Porsche “entitled”.

“It's a shame common sense doesn't come in the owner's manual,” one man wrote.

Another man added it’s an example of “instant karma”.

“Needs to hand his licence in,” another man wrote.

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