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Driver blasted for taking crash selfie after flipping car on NSW road: 'Idiot'

A man who flipped his car on a major NSW highway has been labelled an "idiot" and a "moron" for taking a selfie next to his smashed up vehicle as emergency services rushed to his aid.

Photos of the accident were shared on a popular South Coast Facebook page with a warning for drivers to be careful while travelling along the King's Highway.

The young driver lost control and flipped his car as he took a sharp bend on the popular highway which connects Canberra with Batemans Bay on the South Coast of the state, NSW Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia.

He was coming down Clyde Mountain at about 10am when the vehicle flipped at Pooh’s Corner.

The young driver was pictured taking a selfie after flipping his Ford mustang. Source: Facebook
The young driver was pictured taking a selfie after flipping his Ford mustang. Source: Facebook

Images show the red vehicle — believed to be a Ford Mustang — turned on its head with the driver standing safely beside it, seemingly unharmed by the accident.

"Drive carefully on the Kings Hwy. Especially those bends," the caption reads alongside photos of the scene.

Emergency services including police, ambulance and fire and rescue appeared at the scene to help the young man, believed to be a P-plater, but he appeared unbothered by what had happened.

Driver slammed on social media

After the image was shared widely on Facebook, people in the comments were quick to react to the driver's subtle act. He was captured taking a photo of himself with his flipped car in the background as he posed with a thumbs up.

"That’s what happens when they are handed a license without a driving test," one person mocked in the comments.

"Wouldn't be taking selfies with thumbs up if someone was seriously injured or killed," another fumed.

Emergency services at accident on Kings Highway on the NSW south coast
Emergency services were called to the scene on the Kings Highway on the NSW south coast. Source: Facebook

Others were more brutal in their comments and called the young man a "loser" and a "wanker".

Another photo was shared in the comments by someone who appears to know the driver. It was a screenshot of the driver's Snapchat or Instagram post which showed him smiling at the scene.

"What a moron! If I was there with the emergency services I would slap that phone out of his hand," one person said.

"Wow… You just can’t help stupid," said another.

Some made note of the road conditions at the time saying the "road was dry" and assumed the driver "must have been speeding," however this can't be confirmed.

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