Driver's shocking excuse for crash that caused 'a bit of whiplash'

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A driver who gave a woman whiplash after he crashed into her stationary vehicle on a Canberra freeway has infuriated Facebook users by sharing dashcam footage of the crash and admitting he was distracted.

The shocking crash took place on the Gungahlin Drive Extension in the nation’s capital, and shows the driver travelling at 89km/h down the quiet, double lane motorway.

Several seconds later, cars can be seen in the distance and as the driver continues to hurtle towards them it becomes clear those cars aren’t moving.

The driver, however, fails to notice the stalled traffic and slams straight into the back of a blue hatchback.

A series of images from the driver's dashcam showing the car's approach to the stationary vehicle.
The man admitted he was distracted when he slammed into the back of the hatchback at 83km/h. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia

At the time of the impact, the car was travelling at speeds of 83km/h, according to his camera.

The driver shared the footage with the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, where it quickly gathered more than 1700 comments because of the driver’s bizarre caption.

"On the GDE in Canberra, taking a drink from my bottle when I dropped it trying to put it back in the door pocket,” he wrote.

“Didn't see that traffic had stopped on the other side of the crest and didn't have time to stop by the time I noticed. Woman in the car I hit got a bit of whiplash but there was nothing serious.”

Facebook users were shocked over his flippant remarks and took to the comments section to slam his actions.

“A bit of whiplash??? Have you ever been in the receiving end? That’s not ‘a bit’ at all!” one man wrote.

“Can't hear no drink bottle top popping open or closed. Can't hear you fumbling to put the drink bottle back into the door pocket.. I call bulls**t. I feel extremely sorry for the lady you hit. I hope she recovers fully from her SERIOUS whiplash,” another said.

“Lady's fine and just a bit of whiplash? Mate I bet this poor lady is scarred for life. I had a similar incident in a Corolla and not only did I get whiplash, I got shock and trauma,” a woman wrote.

“Twelve seconds. From the start of the video to the emergency braking, millimetres from the rear of the blue car. Twelve seconds where you cruised along at 85km/h and failed to see the perfectly visible cars in front of you. How you didn’t kill someone with your incompetence escapes me,” another Facebook user said.

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