Driver amazingly survives plywood impaling her windscreen

A woman is lucky to be alive after an enormous sheet of plywood fell off the back a truck and sliced through her windscreen.

In what looks like a scene out of a horror film, the plywood sits lodged in the Honda sedan after it flew off the flat-bed truck travelling down a Florida Highway on Friday afternoon.

Rebecca Burgman, 35, narrowly avoided being impaled by the edge of the sheet that came through the windshield at eye level.

Local media reported that she suffered just minor injuries and refused to go to the hospital.

The plywood narrowly missed the driver. Image: Brevard County Fire Rescue
The plywood fell off the back of a flat bed truck and sliced through the Honda’s windshield.Image: Brevard County Fire Rescue

Stunned social media users resonated with the terrifying images, describing it as their worst nightmare.

“This is literally part of one of my fears after watching final destination. This could have been terrible for someone!,” one woman commented.

Amazing they didn’t crash the car afterward! Must have nerves of steel,” another wrote.

“That’s why you always keep a good distance behind a car or truck carrying anything… luckily there was no passenger,” another woman wrote.

The driver of the truck was given a ticket for failing to properly secure their load.