Drew Barrymore hilariously reacts to surprise Wienermobile ride for her birthday

Drew Barrymore hilariously reacts to surprise Wienermobile ride for her birthday

Drew Barrymore just had the best reaction to a Wienermobile ride for her birthday.

In honour of her 49th birthday on 22 February, the talk show host celebrated with her annual segment of surprises, featuring wax figures and a hot dog-themed vehicle. Seeing that the 50 First Dates lead had always wanted to go for a spin in the Wienermobile, it was only right she’d live out her dream in time for her big day – but she didn’t see it coming.

At one point during the episode, Barrymore was blindfolded and directed outside. Others counted down before she could rip the cloth from her eyes.

“This is so crazy! I was like, ‘Don’t tell me it’s the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile,” she exclaimed after happily screaming like a little kid. In front of her was a 27-foot vehicle she hoped she would be surprised with but wasn’t sure.

Barrymore fell to her knees, delighted and thankful. Her rainbow-coloured dress stopped her from her attempted crawl over to the Oscar Mayer employees by the Wienermobile.

As she got up from the floor, she said: “I tried to crawl, but it’s not working in this dress at all.”

“My whole life I’ve been waiting for this,” the Charlie’s Angels actress admitted when her “Drew Crew” member, Ross Matthews, asked if she wanted to tour the inside.

Barrymore eagerly climbed in, balancing an actual hot dog in one hand. Rightfully so, the inside of the Wienermobile is painted bright red and yellow with “meatbelts” in place of typical seatbelts. What’s more, the seats were embellished with pictures of little Oscar Mayer’s hot dogs.

In addition to her sweet ride, Jimmy Fallon told Barrymore she would be getting a wax figure in the famed Madame Tussauds.

“You are getting your very own wax figure at Madame Tussauds. It’s a real happy birthday bud. Love you,” Fallon proclaimed in a video message.

Barrymore posted the exciting clip of her Wienermobile moment on Instagram, and her fans appeared to be just as pleased as her that she got the opportunity to ride shotgun in it.

One enamoured individual wrote: “Omggggg!! I swear Drew is my spirit animal!!”

“I LOVE IT!!!!!! We love the Wienermobile,” another commented.

A third added: “So cool!!! I would’ve had the same reaction.”

“HAPPY HOTDOG BIRTHDAY DREW! You are a symbol of joy just like the Wienermobile and to share it with you was a dream come true. Hope we can ketchup soon,” one sweet person proclaimed.