Dreamworld staffer backs training methods

Ed Jackson

A Dreamworld training and compliance officer says she has never questioned her training of a junior ride operator on the day four people died at the Gold Coast theme park.

Amy Crisp trained Courtney Williams to be an unload operator on the Thunder River Rapids Ride on the morning of October 25, 2016.

Within hours of Ms Crisp leaving Ms Williams with a senior ride operator at the 30-year-old ride a water pump malfunction lead to the deaths of a Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozi Araghi.

All four died with the raft they were travelling in collided with another and threw at least two of the adults into the ride's conveyor.

In a video walk-through with police days after the tragedy that was shown in the Queensland Coroners Court inquest into the deaths on Tuesday, Ms Crisp defends her training of Ms Williams.

"I trained her on this procedure and I trained her well," Ms Crisp tells detectives.

"I know that I showed her everything ... not once did I question my training. All I thought was I'm so sorry she had to be here."

Ms Crisp also said she had definitely gone through an emergency stop button on the unload platform and the fact it would stop the conveyor if pressed.

Ms Williams told the inquest last week she did not know what the button did and hadn't pressed it during the emergency because she believed she needed approval from the senior ride operator to do so.

Ms Crisp said she didn't know how the tragedy occurred as she believed there should have been ample time to complete the shut-down procedure for the ride before the rafts collided.

The inquest will resume at 10am on Wednesday with Ms Crisp to continue giving evidence.