Dramatic piggyback rescue of man after flood waters inundate his home

Incredible footage has emerged of Queensland police rescuing an elderly man from his flooded home in Townsville.

In the bodycam video, police can be seen approaching 79-year-old Des as he sits in the doorway of his house with water up to his knees.

“Hi, I’m from Richmond Police,” the officer can be heard saying.

“We’re here to get you out.”

A 79-year-old man is stranded in his flooded Townsville home. Source: 7 News
Outside a car is almost totally submerged by floodwaters. Source: 7News

The officer’s camera then pans around outside the house to show floodwater so high the car outside is almost totally submerged.

Inside the house, the water reaches table height.

“I’ve got a dog in here,” Des says before the bodycam pans into a bedroom to show a dog perched precariously on a bed just above the height of the floodwater.

Asked if he has any injuries, the elderly man says ‘no’ and all he wants to take with him is a small bag of personal belongings.

The police officer explains a helicopter is waiting outside.

The elderly man is assisted as he wades with difficulty through the water. Source: 7News
The man finally reaches the helicopter. Source: 7News

Two officers then help Des as he struggles to wade through floodwaters, which have completely cut him off from his surroundings.

The man finally manages to clamber up into the helicopter with a look of relief.

Queensland Police says a neighbour offered to look after Des’s dog.

Flood-hit Qld shires to get $1 million

Queensland shires inundated by devastating floods that have caused widespread losses will get $1 million each.

The federal government will provide an immediate non-gratia payment of $1 million to each of the affected shires, Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the national press club in Canberra.

“This payment will be for them to use on priorities they deem most urgent – whether that be rate relief for impacted properties, infrastructure, or the disposal of cattle which have perished,” he said on Monday.

– with AAP

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