Dramatic moment cyclist is sent flying after crashing into car

A cyclist has been filmed tumbling over his handlebars in a crash in a Melbourne carpark.

Mike, a Melbourne resident, filmed his friend, Nick, cycling in front of him in a carpark on June 3 and shared the video with dashboard-camera seller Cycliq’s Facebook page.

Nick cycles through the carpark when a car travelling from the opposite direction turns in front of him.

He hits the bonnet and he is sent flying, with the bike taken out from underneath him.

A cyclist has been filmed crashing with a car in a Melbourne garage. Source: Facebook/ Cycliq

Nick sustained minor injuries.

The video has more than 1,200 views and many Facebook users said both are at fault for the crash.

One man said while the car was “definitely in the wrong”, the cyclist should not have been riding through a busy carpark.

Nick and the car collide. Source: Facebook/ Cycliq

Others agreed with one man adding the cyclist should “accept some responsibility” and “ride to the conditions”. 

“Reduced visibility, congested roads = slow down!” he said.

“I agree the car is in the wrong, but riding at that speed through a car park is just trouble waiting to happen,” another said.

The cyclist suffered minor injuries. Source: Facebook/ Cycliq

Another accused people of victim-blaming the cyclist.

“Yeah, blame the cyclist for riding ‘too fast’,” the man said.

“The car pulled in front of a moving vehicle that had the right of way and caused serious damage, end of story.”