"Drag Race" Alum Alaska Accused Kris Jenner And Lea Michele Of Being Pretty Darn Rude When They Met

RuPaul's Drag Race alum Alaska Thunderfuck recalled what it was like attending the 2017 Grammy Awards following Princess Poppy's goblin costume at this year's Emmys.

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In case you missed it, Season 15 contestant Princess Poppy attended the Emmys as part of the team representing Drag Race amid its many nominations. “I wanted to take everything that is rude and ugly about the usual decorum of awards and do the complete opposite," she later said of her look. "I wanted to be a troll, to literally and figuratively troll the Emmys.”

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On a recent episode of the podcast Race Chaser, cohost Willam said of the look, "This is a stunt. My favorite thing was watching Claire Danes in this little pink Zac Posen shift gown get photobombed by a goblin."

Princess Poppy at the Emmys
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Alaska then replied with a story of when she and fellow Drag Race alum Katya attended the 2017 Grammys amid their season of All Stars. She recalled, "I just love this Princess Poppy stunt. First of all, I've been to a few mainstream award shows in drag. I went to the Grammys one year, because Katya and I were invited."

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Alaska continued, "Celebrities are mortified of drag queens, because we represent the facade. We pull the curtain back of the facade of what Hollywood is. We make fun of it."

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"Everybody's doing drag," Willam noted.

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"There's a wink when it comes to drag. We're aware that this is fake because we take this off at night and become a different person. But, mostly, everyone there is [thinking], This is real, this is reality, and you must believe that or else all of this will crumble," she emphasized.

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However, though many reality stars were in attendance, Alaska said that the reception they got was less than warm. She continued, "People wouldn't look us in the eye. Like, Lea Michele looked through us, wouldn't even acknowledge that we exist."

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Even Kris Jenner, who interviewed Alaska alongside Kristin Cavallari and Brad Goreski, seemed less than thrilled. Alaska added, "Kris Jenner was there just looking so mad at her life, that it had come to this. She was hosting the E! carpet, and just looked so miserable."

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"But, celebrities, at least back then, were mortified of drag, so Princess Poppy doing this I think is a great statement because she's the sum of all fears," she concluded.

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While the video of Kris interviewing Alaska is no longer live, there is a picture of Kris standing next to the queens:

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BuzzFeed has reached out to representatives for Kris and Lea for comment.