Dozens of foetuses and infant remains seized in funeral home raids

Two cemeteries have been raided as part of an investigation into a funeral home where more than 40 infant and foetal remains were found. 

Forty-four foetal remains were removed from two cemeteries in the US state of Michigan. 

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Thursday there were “some discrepancies” with documents for 27 sets of remains from Knollwood and 17 from the city-run Gethesmane Cemetery. 

A cease and desist order has been issued to Knollwood Memorial Park cemetery in Canton Township due to improper storage of remains, Michigan’s Licensing and Regulatory office said.

Perry Funeral Home in Detroit where 63 foetal remains were found in October. Source: Getty Images

The raids were prompted by a tip off that more than 100 foetuses were being stored at Knollwood, ABC 7 News reported. 

The remains were allegedly handled by Perry Funeral Home in Detroit where 63 foetal remains were found in October. Perry’s mortuary science license has been suspended.

Police found 36 foetuses in cardboard boxes at Perry. The home had 27 more stored in freezers.

In a statement to ABC 7 News, Collins Einhorn Farrell law, representing the funeral home’s owner, said the allegations were “inaccurate” and the remains without proper documentation were from foetuses “unclaimed by the parents” received from local hospitals.

The statements adds Perry doesn’t believe the bodies which weren’t buried involved any families who had paid for funeral services. It also said in the “case of unclaimed remains”, Michigan law prohibits burial.

The Gethesmane cemetery is run by Detroit therefore isn’t affected by state law.

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