'Don't try this at home': Table breaking craze sweeping Australia

Sam Hussey

Young Australian hooligans have filmed themselves running, jumping and diving onto tables, taking part in a new, dangerous social media craze.

The Table Breaking Club is a Facebook page dedicated to the “love and art of breaking tables”.

Since it was launched it has seen hundreds of youths sharing videos of themselves and their mates jumping off cars, sheds and ladders onto, you guessed it… tables.

The sheer danger of the stunts do not seem to deter those involved, who are often filmed downing a beer before throwing their bodies into the rock solid surfaces.

“First to get paralysed wins a case of beer,” one commenter posted on a recent video.

The Table Breaking Club has gone viral on social media due to the reckless stunts. Source: Facebook
Turns out, they're kind of creative as well. Source: Facebook

"Natural selection is bound to run its course here."

“Keep up the great work lads,” one of the page's 50,000 followers commented.

“So many innocent tables hurt,” another wrote.

Source: Instagram
The founders of the page showed their loyal followers how it's done. Source: Instagram

While it might only be a new craze, table breaking looks set to follow in the steps of planking which saw participants constantly trying to out do each other.

The planking craze eventually ended in tragedy, when several deaths occurred.