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'I don't think we would've replaced him'

Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker

In the latest episode of We're Not Really Here, BBC Radio Manchester's Natalie Pike was joined by Steven McInerney and Luke Stanley to discuss City's business during the transfer window.

Late rumours planted fear in the mind's of City fans as it appeared Kyle Walker was considering a shock move to Bayern Munich.

Luke was among the fans pleased to see Walker continue his Manchester City journey, saying: "I don't think we would've replaced him in any way, shape or form.

"You only have to look at those late Champions League performances and that is what we were missing the season before last when he was injured.

"The way he can man mark a player is incredible, we saw it in the World Cup with Mbappe for England. I don't think there is anyone at that level at full-back who can mark at that speed and strength.

"It would've been silly to let him go. It's the same with Silva, he's the best signing we've made this summer."

Listen to the full episode on BBC Sounds.