I don't think about fame, says Joe Alwyn

Joe Alwyn doesn't think "too much" about his own fame.

The 33-year-old actor enjoys his work - but Joe isn't actually motivated by fame.

Joe - who previously dated pop star Taylor Swift for six years - told The Sunday Times newspaper: "It’s something I try not to think about too much because it is beyond my control.

"I try and focus on the things in my life that are important, authentic and mean something to me. Everything that happens outside of that I can only do so much about."

Joe instead believes his life is made better through having healthy personal relationships and a happy working environment.

Listing some life-enhancing things, he shared: "Friends, family, work you care about, people you love."

Joe is also keen to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, following his high-profile split from Taylor in 2023.

The actor explained: "I’m sure you can appreciate, given the level of noise and scrutiny about my past relationship, why I wouldn’t want to just open the door to things like that right now."

Joe has largely succeeded in blocking out external noise.

He said: "I have brilliant, authentic people in my life. I try and live in reality and away from the kind of online noise of Twitter - or wherever else it comes from - and try and just stay in the moment."

Joe is conscious of some of the online speculation about his personal life. However, he's learned to focus on himself and to live in the present.

He shared: "I try and dial that volume down. I was obviously made aware of it and think that mistreating anyone, whether it’s in person or behind the anonymity of a keyboard, is shameful."