'Don't Sweat Food Security': Farmer Reassures Australians Amid Coronavirus-Related Panic Buying

An Australian farmer took to social media to reassure Australians that the nation would not run out of food, as panic buying related to the coronavirus pandemic continued to leave supermarket shelves bare.

Coronavirus-related panic buying has occurred in Australian supermarkets since March 3, with the major stores forced to put purchasing limits on food staples such as tins of tomatoes, sugar and long life milk.

“Aussie farmers have got you covered,” Sam Heagney said in the video, from the cab of his header while working in a paddock.

In the video, Heagney provides an estimate of the high number of products made from paddocks near him alone, including 2.25 million loaves of bread from the average wheat yield, 2.5 million tins of chick peas and enough barley for 23.5 million cans of beer.

“That equates to 22 million of these Vegemite sandwiches just off this paddock,” Heagney said with an iconic Australian sandwich in hand.

There were 2,252 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia on March 25 — an increase of 429 cases from the prior 24 hours. Credit: Sam Heagney via Storyful

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