'Don't see that every day': Cop stunned by driver's car seat

Josh Dutton
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A driver behind the wheel of a ute has been pulled over after police noticed something unusual about their car seat.

Police Wisconsin State Patrol, in the US, pulled over the ute in the North Central Area earlier this week.

“On his approach, the trooper noticed the vehicle was not equipped with seats and the driver was seated in a camping chair,” police said.

Police added “you don’t see that everyday”.

In the state of Wisconsin, it’s illegal to have a car built on or after January 1, 1972, which doesn’t have seatbelts on all seats.

It’s not clear what the driver was fined or charged with.

A camper chair pictured in a ute as a substitute for a car seat.
A driver in Wisconsin used a camper chair instead of a car seat. Source: Wisconsin State Patrol

Strange seat 'comes with cupholders'

On Facebook, people responded with a mix of shock and amusement.

“It even comes with cupholders,” one man wrote.

One woman wrote the “genius” driver “is ready for a campfire at any moment”.

Others shared theories as to why a camping chair was being used in the first place and why the van seemingly has ice in it.

“Pretty sure this is for ice fishing,” one woman wrote.

“You remove the seats and cut holes in the floors so you can still holes into the ice and fish while still staying in a warm vehicle. That would explain all the snow/ ice on the floor.”

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