15 Verrrrry Out-Of-Touch Parents Who Tried To Get People To Watch Their Kids For Free Or Basically Free

Any parent will tell you that it's HARD WORK raising kids — and a lot of the time, childcare can be very, VERY expensive.

"We need to sleep before we go insane."

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't pay people what they're worth, and it really rubs me the wrong way when parents (who know exactly how taxing the job can be) think it's okay to pay nannies and babysitters literal pennies in exchange for childcare. Here are 15 parents who tried to do just that:

1.This parent who was "freaking out" about the cost of daycare so they tried to find a nanny for $5 an hour:

"I sincerely doubt you'll find inhome daycare for less than $4 and hour for a newborn."

2.This parent who also wanted to pay $5 an hour, but for three children — and also, you'll be watched by security cameras:

"If that's not you, DO NOT COMMENT PLEASE."

3.This parent who was offered free childcare for two hours but turned it down because that "isn't much help":

"It's better than none."

4.These parents who want a live-in babysitter and maid who speaks French and will also pay them $1,000 per month:

"Prefer French speaker as our kids are in French immersion."

5.This parent who tried to scam someone who's "wanting to get into babysitting" into watching their children for free:

"This would be an unpaid position..."

6.This parent who somehow thinks paying a babysitter $8 to drive to their home, watch their kids for an hour, and drive back is a screaming deal:

"I have lots of snacks and drinks you can help yourself too."

7.This parent who wanted someone with ALL of these qualifications, and then had the gall to offer "$10/hr under the table cash":

"I will be offering $10/hr under the table cash."

8.This parent who was willing to pay "a couple of bucks" per "hang out session" with their 5-year-old child:

"Willing to pay the kiddo a couple bucks a hang out session!"

9.This parent who thought $25 was sufficient for 7 hours of work:

"Yes 25 a day that's 100 a week"

10.This parent who "can only do $6 an hour" for a babysitter to come and watch their kids five days a week:

"I can only do $6 an hour please pm me if your interested"

11.This parent who'd like to pay their babysitter $35 a day but also can't share how many hours they'll be working:

"if you could text me what hrs you can do that would also help a lot."

12.This parent who somehow thinks $120 a week is reasonable for this laundry list of qualifications:

"Must provide real number no Google or Skype number."

13.This parent who expects you to show up for work at 4 a.m. and will pay you less than $400 a week:

"I would need babysitter from 4:00am-4pm."

14.This parent who literally wanted a live-in nanny FOR FREE:

"I'm hoping to find the perfect match as he needs consistency."

15.And finally, this parent who saw no issue paying their babysitter $10–$15 per day, with overnights included:

"If you do not want the job please don't comment"

H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars