Donald Trump Pushes Extreme Abortion Lies After GOP Lost On Issue In Election

Former President Donald Trump said in an interview posted Thursday that “Democrats were killing babies after birth, killing babies in the ninth month” after his GOP opponents peddled similar falsehoods in the third debate. (Watch the video below.)

What’s more, Trump’s comments came after Republicans faceplanted in this week’s election around abortion, with pro-choice advocates celebrating victories in Virginia and Ohio that bolstered reproductive rights.

But in a sitdown with Enrique Acevedo on Univision, Trump went off anyway.

“Well, everybody thought Roe v. Wade wouldn’t ever happen, and now it did,” he said. “And we were able to stop a very radical agenda. The Democrats were killing babies after birth, killing babies in the ninth month, you know, etc., etc..”

With a brief interlude to express support for exceptions such as rape or the mother’s health, Trump got back on the tall-tale train.

“The radicals are really the Democrats because they’ll kill babies in their eighth and ninth month, and they’ll kill babies after birth,” he claimed.

Fast-forward to 1:06:00:

The idea that Democrats support abortion up to birth (and after) is not a thing, HuffPost wrote previously.

Pushing distortions didn’t help the GOP in this voting cycle. Even one Fox Newsie understood that far-right views on abortion may not serve Republicans in places where reproductive freedom is on the ballot.

Steve Doocy of “Fox & Friends” said, “If you’re a Republican running in those states, you’re gonna have a tough 2024.”