Donald Trump appears to mock Joe Biden over 'fake tan' claims

Donald Trump has appeared to mock President Joe Biden following claims he has used fake tan.

The former president published a picture of Mr Biden on his social media site Truth Social.

It was taken during a White House press conference about the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity

In the photo, the 81-year-old president appears to look several shades darker than when he appeared in the last presidential debate.

Mr Trump did not write a caption to accompany the picture, but Mr Biden's complexion has ignited a wave of social media posts and memes.

The New York Times reported over the weekend that Mr Biden's family believed he was "made up to look pale and pallid" despite arriving at last week's head-to-head in Atlanta with a summer tan.

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The fake tan claim - more closely associated with Mr Biden's Republican opponent - comes after widespread criticism and panic about the president's age and capacity for the job.

There were some calls for Mr Biden to step down as the Democratic nominee for president but his team has said he will not do so.