"I Don’t Know Why Grown Adults Do It": People Are Revealing Their Opinions About The "Cool" Things They Are NOT Impressed By

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, there seems to be a few things in the world that people simply just don't understand why they exist or happen in the first place.

Ryan Reynolds saying "but why"

So when Reddit user u/spirallinggg asked: "Whats something people think is 'cool' but you just don't find impressive at all?" I figured I would share their opinions to see if you agree. Here's what they had to say below:

1."When people brag about the long hours they’re working and how stressed out they are."

a person stressed at work

2."Putting other people down so that they look better. Don’t know why even grown adults aren’t immune to that."


"'It's just a joke, you take everything so seriously. I can't even joke around you!' —my family's favorite phrase."


3."Social events at night after work. Who are you people? How do you have energy?"

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4."Vaping. You don’t look cool, just daft."


5."Inflated social media follower counts as a measure of popularity or influence."


"Especially when they buy followers. Congrats on buying all those robot followers, Brianna K. We are all really impressed."


6."Expensive cars or very loud cars. I just don't get it."

a red sports car

7."Being rude."


"I never got that. Why be rude to your server at dinner? Do you have some kind of complex? They didn't do anything but ask you for what you want to order."


8."Overly flashy and expensive designer clothing."

clothes on a rack

9."Being 'alpha.'"


10."Belonging to a clique as adults. I've lost respect for a few people I used to look up to because they behave like mean girls in their 30 or 40s."

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11."Having a mental illness. Everyone thinks it's trendy. Take it from someone depressed and with ADHD and OCD, you do not want it, and it's upsetting to see people pass it on as a joke."


12."Playing hard to get or acting disinterested to 'test you.' Okay, bye then. I’m too old for that shit."

a person looking at their phone not happy
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13."Telling people how much your possessions cost."


14."Climbing Everest."

people climbing mount Everest

15."The 'one-upper,' their story always has to be bigger, better, or sadder than yours."


16."Fancy, expensive watches. I used to have a coworker who would brag about his collection and how much each one cost. Not dissing him and his choices, but it's not my thing at all."

A man buttoning his jacket while wearing an expensive watch
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17."Guys who hook up with a lot of women and use it as a measuring stick. It’s a poor measure of a man how many girls you can dupe into hooking up with you."


18."Celebrities. They’re just people. They’re really not special."

a celebrity on the red carpet
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19."I know someone who brags and name-drops important people they’ve met or know personally."


Is there a particular thing people do that you honestly don't get why it's considered "cool"? Tell us what it is and why in the comments below: