Domino's worker fired for laughing at paraplegic customer

Dustin Kaywood, who is paralysed from the chest down, said he ordered a pizza for himself, his mother and his brother from the Kingsport Domino’s store in Tennessee over the phone.

Mr Kaywood said as he went to park his car he saw one of the employees walking out the door and asked him if he could bring him his order.

“I asked him, ‘Sir, I’m paralysed from my chest down, can you help me? I just ordered some pizza. I can’t go in and get it’,” he says in the video.

Dustin Kaywood filmed a tearful video after he was laughed at by Domino’s employees. Photo: Facebook/ Dustin Kaywood

“He looked at me and said: ‘If you’re paralysed, how are you driving?’ and I said ‘I got driving sticks’.

“He laughed and he walked off and he got in his car and left.”

Mr Kaywood said he then rang the store to tell them the employee was “disrespectful” and said he was laughed at again by a second worker.

“Why is everybody else better than me just because I can’t walk?” a tearful Mr Kaywood says in the video.

“It really hurts. It hurts bad.”

Dustin Kaywood said he ordered a pizza for himself, his mother and his brother from the  Kingsport Domino’s store in  Tennessee. Photo: Google Maps

Mr Kaywood uploaded the video to his Facebook page on Monday and it has since gone viral with 89,000 shares.

Domino’s spokesman Tim McIntyre confirmed the second worker who laughed over the phone had been fired, 10 News reported.

“The CSR has been terminated for hanging up on the customer and the driver suspended one week for not taking time to address the customer’s needs,” he said.

“I personally made sure Mr Kaywood saved my contact info, so that he could call me directly whenever he ordered from us in the future, so that I could arrange curb side pickup.”