Domino's sell weekend's worth of food in exhausting 4 hour rush

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A photo of two Domino’s workers looking completely exhausted just hours into a shift in San Antonio, Texas has gone viral.

According to July DeLuna who submitted the photo to Fox News, the Domino’s store was the only fast food location in the area to stay open during the massive winter storm that has caused chaos throughout the state providing food to people who have been without power for days.

“Working during this crisis. They had a weekend worth of food and it was gone within 4 hours. This team helped those that needed help," July DeLuna told Fox News.

"These are the essential workers that need recognition. They were the only pizza place open. Every pizza place was closed but Domino's stayed open to help those in need."

Two Domino's workers tired after a four hours of working and running our of food.
A photo showing two ehaxusted Domino's workers four hours into a shift during America's winter storm has gone viral. Source: Reddit

The store reportedly ran through a weekend's worth of food just four hours after opening.

Millions of American’s have been left without electricity for days as areas like Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas battle temperatures as low as -25 degrees.

Texas has been the worst state hit so far where an estimated 2.7 million homes and businesses went without power since Wednesday night (local time).

The photo of Domino’s workers prompted other essential workers to send in their stories of working through the storm.

Employees from department store Wallmart told Fox they had been “working day and night” to make sure customers were able to access essentials.

A firefighter also reported working a 96 hour shift responding to over 70 calls for help.

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