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Domino’s worker makes completely plain pizza for customer: ‘Sometimes you get strange orders’

A Domino’s worker couldn’t stop cracking up after a ridiculous order came in.

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One of the great things about Domino’s pizza is the level of customization. You can get just about as many or as few of the toppings and substitutes as your heart desires. It’s no shock that choosy customers would take advantage of the popular feature. But Domino’s employee Beth D. couldn’t help but laugh when she got one rare request.

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“Sometimes you get strange orders at Domino’s,” she wrote in the video caption.

In the clip, she removed the custom pizza from a Domino’s kitchen oven and placed it in a box. The pizza was completely bare, with no sauce, cheese or toppings. It was just the fresh baked crust. Beth laughed as she jokingly took the time to “make sure all the toppings are even.”

She cut the naked pizza into slices and topped the crust with garlic sauce. Then she packed it up, and the pizza was ready to go. Beth compared the order to a “giant breadstick,” which really doesn’t sound too bad.

“This happened to me. I ordered on the app, and I forgot to fill everything out,” someone commented.

“Some people like to use their own sauce and toppings but prefer a better crust,” one person suggested.

“I have definitely ordered this. So many food allergies, aversions and lifestyles in my house,” another wrote.

It did, however, turn out that the customer ordered the pizza online and made a mistake. Beth said that right after the pizza was delivered, the customer called the store to explain.

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