Dogs jump into ocean to play with sharks during feeding frenzy

A man on a remote island in Queensland has captured the moment a group of dogs bounded into the sea before thrashing around with a school of sharks.

Greg MacKinnon, 31, from Irvine, Scotland, was strolling along a beach on Murray Island in the Torres Strait Isles above Far North Queensland when he witnessed the canines jump into the water last month.

The site supervisor, who had just finished work, had noticed a commotion in the surf and spotted a group of sharks in a feeding frenzy corralling shoals of little fish into the shallows to trap and eat them.

The dogs surround a shark in the water. Source: Australscope
Mr MacKinnon witnessed the remarkable scene. Source: Australscope

But the Scotsman wasn’t the only one to notice the predators, as a group of local dogs decided they wanted to piece of the action.

As he recorded on his phone, four dogs can be seen chasing and attempting to playfully bite the sharks as they hunt the smaller fish.

One shark is even surrounded by three dogs who grapple with the dangerous predator before it violently thrashes its tail to get away.

Both sets of animals appeared unharmed. Source: Australscope

Both sharks and dogs seem to escape unharmed from the encounter which appears to be more fun for the canines than the big fish.

“It always appeared playful between the dogs and sharks, the sharks are always in the shallows and the dogs are island dogs so I’m pretty sure they know each other,” Mr Mackinnon said.

“The sharks seem to prey on small fish in the shallow waters. It was an incredible thing to see the dogs playing with the sharks, with two animals from different worlds interacting.”


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