Dog rescued after falling into 3m hole in Nant-y-moel

A spaniel had to be rescued after spending a night down a 3m (10ft) hole.

Benni became stuck after slipping through a 30cm (11in) gap in the ground.

The hole was so small that cave rescuers had to use chisels and drills to reach him.

But after a four-hour operation, Benni was successfully brought back to the surface - where he was said to be "ecstatic".

South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue said that after a night underground in near-freezing temperatures, Benni faced further trouble - he desperately needed a bath.

Rescuer Dan Thorne said: "Benni was cold and tired but when he got out he forgot all about that, he was ecstatic.

"He wrapped up in a blanket, had some water and he was thoroughly happy."

The alarm was raised on Friday evening and the recovery began at 05:00 GMT, when the cave rescue team were asked to go to Nant-y-moel, in Bridgend county, by firefighters.

Mr Thorne said: "This is something we specialise in - people as well as animals. We never want to hear an animal in distress.

"We discovered the hole was 30cm wide at the top and even our smallest caver couldn't get down. It was about 3m down.

"We could hear Benni, but we were unable to get anywhere near.

"So the next thing to do was to start removing bits of rock carefully, because you don't want to bury the animal."

After chiselling and drilling their way down they eventually could see him.

"We were able to just about see the tip of his nose," Mr Thorne said.

Once out the team covered the hole with pallets in a bid to make it safe.

Mr Thorne said: "It was a happy ending for Benni. The owners were incredibly happy to see him on the surface."